Our Mission is to provide people with the best in individualized training programs that focus on cutting edge concepts of innovation and functionality. Every client is taking on a journey to not only improve their body, but their mind and spirit as well! Each client receives a comprehensive fitness evaluation that introduces them to our 5 Stage Pain Reduction Program. This includes a Gait analysis, Posture Tests, Strength Tests, Balance Tests, and Endurance Tests. As well a body composition analysis and nutrition consultation! Our innovative fitness programs are designed to reduce inflammation, relieve chronic pain, increase muscle tissue, improve bone density, increase range of motion in your body, and give you the confidence to do things you never thought possible. Our fitness programs are designed to fit your lifestyle and help you reach whatever goals you might have!

At Full Circle Fitness, we offer the convenience of a great workout from the comfort of your own home! We also offer individual nutrition consultations, menu planning, body measurements, fitness tests, and progressive workout development programs for people of all fitness levels. All of our trainers have nationally accredited fitness certifications and have gone through extensive training to help ensure you get the best fitness professional for the job!