Community Out Reach Programs & Public Workshops

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L’ Claim2Life Conference-Temple Emanuel July2019

We had a great time partnering with Kavod Senior Life and participating in the L’ Chaim2Life Conference in July! What a great opportunity to help educate seniors about our 5 Stage Pain Reduction Fitness Program.

Kavod Senior Life-Denver Housing authority-April 2019

What a great privilege to partner with Kavod Senior Life and the Denver Housing Authority. We were able to help seniors in multiple housing areas around Denver. Our passion is showing them the importance of daily exercise for their longevity and health.

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Catholic Charities of denver Self Care Fair- April 2019

What a great time we had at the 2019 Annual Self Care Fair this year! We help open many senior’s eyes to the realization that they don’t have to live with chronic pain. We taught some simple mobility and balance movements to the attendees. The most gratifying thing about these events is seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces when their chronic pain melts away after doing one of our classes.

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