These classes are design for anyone over the ages of 60 who are looking for a safe, yet effective workout that helps build balance, coordination, strength, and endurance! As we age building muscle and bone density becomes more important than ever! Add to this the risk of injury from improper, lifting, falls, or strained muscles the need for professional assistance and proper training is greater than ever! In fact,  80% of people over 50 get injured exercising within the first 2 weeks of beginning a workout program.  These classes will challenge both your mind and body all without the risk, or fear of injuring yourself.  Our diverse class programs include “Sit & Be Fit”, Resistive Band Strengthening, and Stability & Balance Class.

This class is all about releasing tension throughout your body. Through gentle stretches, relaxation exercises and deep breathing, you will experience a sense of well-being, stress reduction and tension release. Just bring a water bottle, towel, and feel your troubles just melt away. 

This class features our wonderful yoga instructor Joe Nerud, who has been a certified yoga instructor for over 6 years now . His style is both instructive, gentle, and progressive. The way he guides you through the movements are both eloquent and meaningful. This is a must have class if you're looking for flexibility and peace of mind. 

Just bring a yoga mat and water!

Help your body recovery from working out, or just from the stresses of the day. Learn how to properly foam roll and stretch your tight muscles away. This class is suitable for people of all fitness levels.

Our fitness programs are designed to fit your lifestyle and help you reach whatever goals you might have! Whether it’s improving your posture, running a half marathon, rehabbing an old injury, or just getting that 20-year-old body back!


Group Class Prices


Group Classes:

$20/Drop In


$60/4 classes (45 day expiration)

$100/10 classes (3 month expiration)

MEMBERSHIPS (charged every month regardless if classes are used)

(credit cards only)  A client can cancel these at ANY time. 

$48/4 classes/month

$80/10 classes/month

$120/Unlimited Classes