Extreme Workout of the Week


Ok here is another great High Intensity Workout to try this week.

Caution: This workout is for advanced athletes, and lifters only. 

1. Suicide Runs- Make sure you have at least 25 yards, or the length of a basketball court. Mark 5 spots each at least 5 yards apart. Sprint at 90% intensity to each line then sprint back to the beginning. Repeat this until you hit all lines. Then immediately perform exercise 2.

2.Weighted Sled Pushes- Recommended weight-45-100 pounds. Space-50 yards. Push the sled running as fast as you can for 50 yards. 

3. Burpee to Push-up Arm Curl- Recommended weight 10-25 pounds- Perform a Burpee followed by 2 full push-ups (knees, or toes), then stand up and perform an 1 arm curl. Repeat this for 15 reps total. 

4. Kettle bell Power Swings- Recommended weight 10-40lbs. Stand with feet little more than should width apart. Grab the kettle bell and squat down swinging the weight between your legs and back up explosively to eye level. Use the momentum and repeat this motion for 20 reps. 

5. Kettle bell Single Leg Deadlift to Row- Recommend weight 10-40lbs-Stand on 1 foot with the weight in the opposite hand. Begin by bending over at the waist, keeping both knees straight, until you torso is parallel to the floor. Row the weight up to the torso then back down. Stand back up and repeat for 12 reps each leg. 

6. Planks- Hold a plank position for 90 seconds. Make sure your core stays tight and hips are neutral. You can do the plank on your knees, or toes. 

7 .Finish this round with another Suicide Run

*Only allow 15 seconds of rest in between each exercises if necessary. Rest 1 minute after each complete round. Perform 3 rounds of this routine.